Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Captain Irrelevant!

Hi kids, Captain Irrelevant here. In between dress wearing, not having sex but feeling I'm allowed to tell people when/where they can't, and rampant homophobia, I like to keep the environment on the straight and narrow. God gave us the earth to do with what we will. So remember kids, don't recycle that can, or turn off that light, or protest irresponsible pollution or measures that for a fraction of an additional cost can significantly reduce the amount of energy we use. Because God does not like it.

God did not send Jesus to earth to say 'And lo, behold thy smoke stack. For its emissions do not please my father.' No, he said some stuff about rich people and getting into heaven via a camel's ocular cavity or some such.

Check out my nice robes! Aren't they amazing? I bet you could clothe a family for what it cost.

Anyway, the environment. Do not listen to secular pagans, or "hysteric and extreme claims" about global warming. They are but empty phrases in God's ears. No, instead make sure you concentrate on the real things like admonishing people in HIV wracked countries for using a franger because that thin latex is in reality a six foot wedge between them and our maker.


To the Pope Mobile!

(Runs off, dress flapping)


  1. Anonymous9:16 PM

    He is one of my least favourite Catholics to be sure.

    On numerous occassions I have attended protests to highlight his homophobic tendancies.

  2. I think it is safe to say he is one of Catholics' least favourite Catholics.

    Time for a reminder of Pell's Fallacy

  3. Oh, and on the environment, given that you were one of the few to nag me enough, I've just posted Global Warming for Dummies Pt I. I've even (partially) dedicated it to you ;)

  4. Noice. Is that the rainbow sash movement? That's some good work. It's funny too that when he rejects them from the church he's the one whose cross dressing.


    Some nice work on the post/s Bruce.

  5. By the way, you bastards gave away his secret identity.

    How can he administer the sacrement in secret now?


  6. He is one of my least favourite Catholics to be sure.

    I'm tired. At first glance I would have sworn that said 'Cath-aholics'


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