Thursday, November 30, 2006

Thanks a lot ex-Yellow Wiggle

Great, wonderful, thanks.

Already I feel like a failure due to my average life with an average job doing average things - while morbidly obese -and with the realisation my existence amounts to a hill'o'shit in the grand scheme of things.

But now I discover the now former Yellow Wiggle - or as I like to call him the 'Freaky, Unsettling Wiggle' - is the same age as me.

I know I shouldn't fixate on the achievements of others. Life is after all completely subjective. And as a fat anglo in a western country I already have it better than 92% of the rest of the world in regards to access to the full gamut of the hierarchy of needs.

However that being said he achieved so very, very much, all while coated in the garb of a primary colour, and his wiggle hands pulled in so, so, so much of the cash, cash, cash. Plus he got to make people happy - even if they're small people who will deny, much like Peter did when asked if he knew Christ and realized as the cock crowed three times he had forsaken his master, they ever liked said Wiggles. Kind of like we all did with Sesame Street until we reached the middle years of high school and we sorta liked the muppet bits again (especially for those of us who partook of the arvo-wag bong - not that I did).

So I wish him well as he deals with his adult onset orthostatic intolerance, which I note whose wiki has already updated the fact that Greg "Yellow" Page has the condition, likely dealing with it by piling all his money into a huge mound then seeing how long he can stay on top before his sense of balance causes him to fall off.

But, is it my imagination, or does his replacement Sam Moran look a bit like Pauly Shore?

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