Wednesday, November 01, 2006

I'm Orf Back to Canberra

Well it was an odd week. Full of emotional spills and little thrills. I got to see my mother in full Il Duce balcony ranting in the grip of delirium, have a tearful fight with my Dad over her treatment, and try frantically to fill the silence with Dad with interesting facts and trivia (most of which was boring and lame).

But I leave now with at least some of the air cleared about my fears, Dad got to vent, and I got to see my Mum come down from full psychosis back to a relatively normal pitch - apart from the odd black out on her short term memory.

It was very hard, esp given TheWife was back home dealing with her own very stressful job and I couldn't help, and she had to help me over the tinny speaker of our tiny phone. All in all though it was worth coming up. If only to have a store of awesome mum memories to help deal with her eventual decline over the coming months.

Now back on a plane. Hooray ... I do love to fly (not).

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