Sunday, November 19, 2006

Go Carnie Woman

Whilst at a neighbourhood fete I was lining up with a friend's kid to have a go on a whizzy chair ride. Ahead of us were a gaggle of year 6 girls who, as disturbing luck would have it, were around my height.

Some of their mates snuck in to join them at the head of the queue.

I was annoyed and wanted to say something, because I fucking cannot stand queue jumping especially by little grognards replete with braces, dabs of make up, and a litany of 'ohmygawd' bubbling out like a peck of prattling parrots.

I didn't have to.

Tattooed 'my hard life is etched on my hard axe like face' carnie woman took one look at them and said 'oi, you lot were never there, sling your hook to the back of the line.'

Go you good thing.

Of course the girls shrilly protested their innocence, the ones that were there claiming (rightly) they had been there first but ignoring the fact they had encouraged their hideous little Bratz like mates to join them in a queue buster. Eventually I think three of the ring ins left and the carnie woman still let the letthemins onto the ride in their original line up order but still it gave me hope for the world that a professional amusement provider can assess a line and weed out the queue jumping shonks.

My long standing fear and/or concerns about carnies have now been lessened. Thanks Carnie lady.

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