Monday, November 06, 2006

Don't hang Saddam

Yep - it's a turn the other cheek moment for HM.

If anyone was the poster child of 'string 'em up high' it's Saddam Hussein. What he did to his own people, and what his clan did, was monstrous. He is truly evil and of course truly deluded. He genuinely sees himself as a hero of Arabia despite being largely responsible for the deaths of more Muslims courtesy of the US backed Iraq-Iran war than any modern man before him.

But killing him won't bring anyone back. It brings false comfort to a region soaked in death. And it martyrs him, allows his image to be rehabilitated in the eyes of some, Sunni insurgents for the most part, and become a rallying cry for a part of the world that really needs to calm the fuck down. Even if the US did the geopolitical equivalent of pour metho on an ant's nest and drop a lit match on it.

And most of all killing the evil poison that is Saddam, evil poison that used to be the US's bitch in the region let's not forget, allows people who didn't murder or kill to likewise be murdered by the state in an ever escalating cycle of legally enforced death. Like those who get raped and are charged with adultery if they complain in some backward countries, or even countries where there are 100+ crimes on the books that bring the death penalty (like Taiwan).

Murder is wrong, even judicial murder. Death begats death, more so in this case in any other given freaks are going to start lighting candles under his portait and clean their AK47s while whispering 'I am the angel of death, the time of purification is at hand'.

What should have happened is Hussein should have been handed over to the International Court, the same one the Bush administration refuses to have anything to do with, and tried there. And when his very long, very very fair trial was over, those wronged would have had the chance to say their piece and Hussein would have been revealed, like Slobby was, to be the deluded self important freak he is. He would have lived out his days in a three star motel that's true, but he would have faded away and die in 30 years time an old and broken man, not proudly stand on the scaffold and proclaim himself a martyr - which is exactly what he will do even though he martyred more of Mohammed's followers than the Israeli's or anyone else ever did.

He's a horrible man from a region where horrible men are readily able to come to power, thanks in part to the post colonial hiccups of departed western masters.

But let him live. Let him age and wail and gibber and froth and realise that his time on top meant nothing in the grand scheme of things.

And no, I am not going to debate the death penalty here. I've done that in previous blogs. If you're really frothing at the bit with a 'kill them all and let God sort it out' rant boiling in your chest, go find it and comment there. Or better yet, try your luck at the guestbook at the Amnesty website.


  1. Right on, Mikey.

  2. Anonymous9:07 AM

    He will hang and the people of Iraq,who he has so clearly wronged will celebrate.This is one of the times when letting a man rot in a jail cell will not be sufficent to adress the wrongs done to a whole nation.

  3. when a person commits a murder and another person gives them a gun and some money to carry out the crime and helps hide them from justice, giving them more money to keep themselves safe that person, or persons are known as accomplices and face punishment under the law.

    only a moral degenerate would argue that an accomplice to murder who later changes their mind and decides to kill the murderer should be exonerated from punishment. thankfully we don't have any of those odious creatures around here.

  4. Anonymous5:29 PM

    Gam that Chip on your shoulder must be giving you such bad splinters which would explain your rather petulant posts of late It seems to me that hate is your primary emotion these days . You know you should get counseling .
    So your argument is that because others have supported Sadam in the past it in some way mitigates the mans evil deeds enough that he should be spared the rope. Mate that moral relativism is the pits it terms of justification, bet you would run the line that Osama is just misunderstood as well.

  5. Saddam get's death sentence.

    Bush get's death sentence.
    THOSE OUTRAGED: Left. Right.

    I wonder if this is Saddam, I mean, he had look-alikes, what if he also brainwashed them, completely convincing each one, that HE was the REAL Saddam. Although... I'm not sure how gullible or impresionable people really are, can't think of another example where someone is completely and utterly convinced of something, despite all the blatant proof against it. *looks up*

    But it's a brilliant idea, innocent man with unfortunate genes gets killed, Saddam is forever free.

  6. He's an evil thug there's no denying it.

    But the death penalty, like slavery, is something the modern moral world has left behind.

    Its' fucked and it's wrong because at the end of the day for every evil dictator killed it makes it easier to kill those who don't deserve it - then harvest their organs for sale to fat Americans...

  7. I don't get why you listed Gam's URL as a counter attack? It makes no sense. Gam referenced actual websites listing the issues he was referring to. Are you inferring Gam is Osama? Nor as Gam at all suggested Huissein was misunderstood, let along bin laden. He didn't make that argument at all.

    Frankly given "Your I’m a AGW skeptic there fore I am an Ludite is rather shallow, but consistent with the standard of your previous arguments, sigh." comment asking Gam to meet some sort of standard, surely you should apply the same criteria to your argument instead of inferring that Gam is some sort of apologist for mass murderers just because he pointed out the fact the US was instrumental in his ability to do what he did.

  8. i'm afraid iain is meeting his standards, those of a liar and moral degenrate.

    back in the 80s when iain's current bukkake buddies were giving saddam whatever he wanted, school kids like me were writing letters for amnesty international, trying (and succeeding in some cases) to free saddam's victims from abu ghraib.

    people like iain didn't even know or care who saddam was or what he was up to. now he appoints himself moral arbiter and lectures people who actually did something to stop evil on how they shouldn't be angry because the evil is being committed by different torturers and murderers.

  9. Anonymous9:12 AM

    I am usually more than willing to confine myself to the topic at hand, however gam seems to be on a one man I'll insult Iain any where our paths cross linking to his profile is merely returning the favor after he linked to my profile from "morally degenerate”. I may have opinions that you and he disagree with but I am not a Liar and I rightfully resent his claims that I am.

  10. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  11. I deleted a previous comment cause I thought it was a bit harsh. But I should point out Gam didn't call you a liar until after you did your GAM URL trick.

    Mind you - a moral degenerate is probably a bit harsher in the scheme of insulty things.

    Look a penny! (picks it up)

  12. er, he is a liar, he lied about me just a few posts back where he claimed, with no proof, that i endorsed hilaly's comments. that was a lie and a particularly shameless one.

    if he has any honour to offend then i suggest that he address people's points instead of lying about them. then i might stop calling him a liar. the moral degeneracy? well, come on, where should i start...

  13. Anonymous8:35 PM

    Mikey this post is pot on ... I agree wholeheartedly.

    Iain I'll be replying to your post on my blog a little later tonight. Please read it carefully as you seem to have missed the point entirely on the original post.

  14. Oh no ! Iain's followed over to Miss P's site!


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