Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Come on you little b!tch

Democrats take the House.

The senate is still out, but with five to go, all they need is three of them.

(Crosses fingers and toes).

You know what I'm looking forward to if they do get the Senate? Committees of inquiry that rake the Bush administration over the coals for their grotesque failures in all areas of governance, legality, and down right evil behaviour.

Hey Cheney, get used to saying this. "I plead the fifth".

More news here - here courtesy of the CNN site watching the Senate race. Dammit - it looks like the GOP are going to scrape in control.

Not sure how the committees process works if the lower house is opposition. Anyone know? Mort?


  1. Anonymous6:36 PM

    So far as I'm aware, it works similarly to ours; i.e. it's not going to really affect the committees process very much, it's only other areas where it will be noticed.

  2. Hey Mikey did you just have a birthday?

  3. Darn on the committees. I was looking forward to the 'sir, did you know when you realised you were a fucking idiot?'.

    Yeppers. Crossed the big 34 a few days back.

    Sigh ... so ... old

  4. Anonymous11:45 PM

    No no dude, that's what I mean. Kind of, this is like the Dems have won an Australian senate majority.

    They are gonna do _all_ the committees, it's gonna be great. :)

    Btw, happy B'day.

  5. Happy birthday :)

    Oh, and 100 is old. 34 is not even middle-aged!

  6. Thanks lads!

    34 is nuthin'. It's the new 23 - or so I have read!


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