Saturday, November 18, 2006

Children of Men

Finally got around to seeing it.

Fuck me. Now that's a movie. You know the sort of movie that has you on the edge because it seems so chaotically real? The action sequences were devoid of the usual gleaming muscled Nietzschean superman killing everything in sight. Instead every bullet winging into brick, stone, tar, and the ground felt real. Felt incoming. At me. I got the same freaked out buzz that I got from Saving Private Ryan.

It was set in the UK in 2027, devoid of children, a locked fortress against a decaying world. Soldiers, police, ubiquitious slogans of watching for the enemy. A world without children turning itself on who was left. See the wiki here.

It starts with the death of the youngest person in the world, Baby Diego, and Argentinian just 18 years old. Killed after he told a 'fan' to fuck off.

And I know this undercuts the atmos of the movie - an intensely searing emotional film where death seems meaningless and meaningful both at the same time - but my mental picture of Baby Diego was ...

... you guessed it!

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