Tuesday, November 14, 2006

And another thing

Today whilst visiting another building I noticed an unattended bag sitting on a table in a public area. It was unattended for a while so I did the right thing which is report it to security - which you just have to do nowdays in the modern public service.

The guard turned up to have a look a few moments later.

He looked at the bag.

He opened the bag.

He rumaged through the bag.

He took the bag away.

Now, correct me if I am wrong, traditionally not the best method of dealing with an unattended item of luggage. Normally you ask people in the area if it's theirs. Failing that you get on the PA and ask the building, having cleared people from being near the bag. Failing a response there you call the appropriate skilled types to come and look at it.

You don't pretty much do any of the things the security guard did. Yes, I am aware of the irony of picking on a public servant but as a public servant who sees things being done wrongly it gets my goat.

Sure 999999 times out of 1000000 its not going to be an issue with what he did. But it was a crowded room and if it was something then a lot of people could have been hurt.

Stupid guard.


  1. Rummage though bag to look for ID.
    Take bag to lost-and-found.

    Sounds fair to me - I say FU to FUD.

  2. Na uh. In today's terror rich climate we need to be careful. If he was going to take the risk and have a rumage he should have cleared the area first.

    He's a bad man. Bad!

  3. just so as many people as possible know. in the event of a terrorist attack in a major australian city, you will be fucked.

    our government has put us in harms way and continues to terrorise us with useless, 'report suspicious behaviour' ads when it knows damn well that it can't and hasn't done a single meaningful thing to protect us.

  4. That's bullshit Gam.

    What about that massive concrete anti-terror barriers they build around parliament house?

    Or what about the massive security blitz for the G20 summit in Melbourne?

    The trick is, you just have to be in the same place as the politicians, and other important people, and you'll be well protected. If you CHOOSE not to, you have only yourself and the terrorists to blame.

  5. Anonymous11:07 PM

    I wrote a five thousand word essay on the public service. Specifically I focused on whether it serves the public or the government. Politicisation was rife particularly since the reforms of the Howard Government.

    Im not surprised this guy didn't have a clue. Went to the G20 protest site today. Took some photos which I will post on my blog later today or tomorrow after the main protest day.

    Let me say this ... Security was laughable. Sure there were alot of cops around but they were definately not alert. The barriers will cause serious injury to both the protesters and the cops and the steps taken to stop bombs going off are hilarious. Neither the cops nor the dopey security guards had a clue. Covered the bins with material to stop 'bombs' from being placed in them and then Australia Post came along and locked up the post bins for the same reason.

    What a bunch of tossers. Absolutely useless.

    Im going to the protest tomorrow. Can't wait.


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