Saturday, September 30, 2006

Two things I love about Thai Restaurants

Apart from the food, which I'm sure all of us agree, is awesome.

The first is the chunky brass cutlery that only Thai Restaurants seem to use. You know the ones. Each item weighs about half a kilo and they have a chipped finish to them. I've yet to see them outside Thai restaurants but they all seem to have them. I don't think I've been in one that hasn't. It's like all the Thai food people in Oz had a big Hillsong style convention and took a vote on use of heavy bronze coloured food utensils.

The second is pictures of the beloved Thai Royal Family. Which I am sure are all great. Especially those that give a big thumbs up to their boys in green making Thailand safe from democracy. Thai royalty that seem to all enjoy one of the odder lower half of the human body clothing endeavours, to whit the MC Hammer Parachute Pants. Maybe use of crotch-about-the-knees wear was a rider on that Cutlery vote as well?

Who knows. Of course Google image search has made a liar of me and I can't prove this electronically. But I swear in every Oz bound Thai place I have seen there's a ye olde picture of a Thai Royal dressed to the nines in top notch tasty leg cladding gear that one could safely exit a flying aircraft with.

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