Sunday, September 17, 2006

So much pain

I went GoKarting for a bucks celebration then went and played pool. My upper arms ache from the steering. And my legs ache from standing for six hours of pool playing.

I think I am physically a big weakee.

Man, I hope no post apocalypse happens. I'm too slow and puffy. I'm basically ponderous walking food.


  1. Those aches are normal. It's like teething, but for unfit people when they exert themselves. And instead of teeth there's muscle.

    You need to continue this exercise regime, try and.. um.. "play pool" at least a few hours each week. As you build up muscle, you can then move on to activities more strenuous than "standing", like: walking. Or possibly crawling.

    Word Verification: mugmig - a Russian jet's cup holder? A gullible welder??

  2. Actually I think the legs thing was the goKarting too. I sat in this weird half sit up position in a tiny car for 40 minutes.

    So sore still...

  3. I agree with Larry. Soreness comes from doing an activity that you are not used to. If you do it many, many times, your muscles will grow used to it, and no longer hurt.

    I think Dr Bonewend's prescription to "play pool" at least a few hours each week is very sound advice, but you could probably mix it up a bit with a few hours of Go carting too.


  4. lol, I read this and instantly thought of this thing I read the other day:

    "In a comment on the web's "premier fat acceptance weblog," a morbidly obese 54-year-old man calling himself Fat_Boy offers a passionate defense of the super-size lifestyle:

    Fat is good! Fat is soft and warm! Fat is comfortable! Fat makes me feel happy and contented. It is heavy and soft.

    Yes, slows me down, but it causes me to take life as a slow and easy going pace, and making me feel more calm and relaxed.

    I feel placid and protected deep within my fat, it's like being in a soft warm cacoon, wrapped in a security blanket.

    True, I shall never be able to run a 3 minute mile, or climb Mount Everest, but there are many other things I can do.

    I like to listen to music, do oil paintings, work on my N Gauge Model Railroad, I can sing praises to my dear God, Adonai, in the Synagogue on Shabbot. When I speak, my voice is soft spoken, but when I sing, my voice booms out like a fat little Opera singer.

    I'll never be an athlete, but there are so many other things I can do.

    Although I'm fat, soft, flabby, and weak, I'm comfortable and happy."

  5. I'm making a note of your address under "If the apocalypse comes." With a picture of a spear next to it.

    Heh. Like I'd make it halfway cross town alive without the tacit acceptance of law in our society.

    Tiuvudhk: a speak made from a walrus' pubic bone.

  6. Mikey - please stop feeding the "blow-hard" troll at that other blog. He craves the attention. If we ignore him, he'll give up and go away.

    If you MUST comment about his silly blog, you could do it at

    Note: He's deleted a comment to this effect on his blog twice now. He's clearly terrified that lefties will ignore him for the irrelevant troll he is. No more comments? It's his greatest fear.

  7. Mikey
    MrLefty has been spamming my blog all day under the newly created Username of "not anon" How is that for Irony? Any way I have no fight with you and I do value your contribution and don't want to involve you in my fight with Walter. who seems to have gone back to his old tactic of trying to make everyone dance to his tune and run their blogging to suit him I will not mention this here again and thank you for listening.
    And a note to Walter; Even if you succeed in convincing all of your friends not to comment I will still critique your blogs so RESISTANCE IS FUTILE .

  8. How do you know it's him?

    Besides, didn't Tan use Not Anon when he first cast his skinny shadow on Bolt Watch?


    What are you, Iain, the fucking Terminator?

  10. You're a free man, Mikey, of course. It's just that by feeding the troll and his site you're encouraging him in his spiteful campaigns across the internet. And whilst he's being polite to you now because he's desperate to hold on to anyone who takes him seriously, it doesn't take much for him to turn into the creepy stalking creature who's been following me around the internet for the past few months.

    I don't know why anyone is bothering with his vicious little blog.

  11. Mikey
    I know it is he from the rhetoric and style of the comments that I have deleted. I have by the way backed up for future reference.(thanks to Haloscan's email notification )The "notanon" persona was only just created and guess what? Profile hidden. If that was David It would have a creation date somewhat older than that.
    You fail science fiction 101 now go back and do some more research.
    You are so silly some times I bet you won't post about this little fracas at either of your acknowledged Blogs will you? When are you going to post a link to Blowtorch-watch at AL under the other blogs by me heading? And when you have had 7000+ people viewing your profile YOU are a Player so ditch the false claims of modesty mate It is as convincing as your claims to be anonymous.

  12. now now, if it wasn't for his blog iain would be typing essays to newspapers in a little hut like the unabomber. it isn't a coincidence that one nation's vote has dropped as blogging has become more popular.

  13. Iain,

    You fail English language 101. And debating. And Home Economics.

  14. So you still don't get the reference do you Nasty LOL

  15. So you still don't get the message, do you, Iain?

    You're a cad, Sir. People laugh at you. Lots of people.

    LOL (Look at my acronym everyone. I'm cool like the kids with my computer speak.)

  16. You're a cad, Sir. People laugh at you. Lots of people.
    Frankly, my dear, I don't give a dam!
    And even more hold you and your allies in the contempt that you justly deserve. Your latest Internet adventure must be about number 14 in the long list of trolling efforts aimed at me, all failed to shut me up. Why do you think that you will do any better this time?

  17. Frankly, my dear, I don't give a dam! (sic)

    Oh dear, Iain. Your MS Word spellcheck won't pick up errors like that.

    And even more hold you and your allies in the contempt that you justly deserve.

    Let's see, there's you and David Tan and... Well, that's two.

  18. So are you on the dole, Iain? You deleted that question double-quick-smart over at your site.

  19. Oh - it's damn BTW Iain. Though spelled correctly.

    Otherwise it's "Frankly, I don't give a construction to hold back water".

  20. Thanks for that Mikey thought it did not look quite right:(

    Nasty Wanker
    Now If you have anything to say to me my email is on the front page of my blog I am sure that as tolerant as he is Mikey does not want to play host to our flame war so do him a favor and stop spamming his blog about it.

  21. Why won't you debate me on the front page of your blog? That is, in the comments and in public?

    It seems like you're scared.

  22. Why won't you debate me on the front page of your blog? That is, in the comments and in public?

    It seems like you're scared.

    I see that you are trying the say something often enough and it might magically become true strategy. Which is rather whimpy. In any case why should I discuss the stoush between Walter and Myself with you? What are your bonefides in the matter anyway? You are either a sycophantic fan of his and therefore beyond reason or you are Walter himself wearing a new electric hat and in either case "Nastyperson" has no standing in the dispute.So I won't debate "Nastyperson" at my blog. If Walter wants to discuss matters in private by email or even debate me at my blog HE is welcome to do so.


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