Thursday, September 28, 2006

Go Go Girls No No for Coup Coup

According to the Jerusalem Post the Thai military, fresh from seizing power in a bloodless and softly condemed coup, has apparently banned Go Go Girls from doing the Monkey near their tanks.

Five days after instructing soldiers to keep smiling, the ruling council decided Wednesday that there is a limit to how much fun soldiers should have.

They ruled that sexy dancers were forbidden near tanks and tourists were no longer permitted to handle weapons when posing for photographs with troops still deployed in Bangkok.

How can you have a bloodless coup without some stripper girls? Stripper girls make every military seizure of a democratically elected government fun.

What I want to see is a Thai equivalent of Benny Hill chasing said girls round and around his tank as his theme song goes off. After-all if you can have a Thai Wiggles Troupe you can find a Thai Benny Hill.

I bet you fully have the theme song in your head now huh?

I know I do...

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  1. I bet you fully have the theme song in your head now huh?

    You know me too well ;)


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