Sunday, September 24, 2006

A complaint about the SMH

Marge parks the car in the parking lot, and as she does, Homer sees a
nerd walk by.

Homer: [yelling at a student] Neeeerd!
Marge: Homer, that isn't very nice.
Homer: Marge, try to understand. There are two kinds of college
students: jocks and nerds. As a jock, it is my duty to give
nerds a hard time.
[A "jock" walks by]
Hey pal! Did you get a load of the nerd?
Jock: [not understanding] Pardon me?

From Homer goes to college.

Ah Sundays. It's around Sunday pm that I finally end up reading the News Review section of the SMH. I rarely read editorials, though do read the opinion pages, but being a nerd I saw the editorial that featured Daleks, and had a squiz.

You can see this editorial here (for now - this link will go by tomorrow).

It’s not about Daleks as such, more about Robert Ray of the ALP complaining about factional daleks. But in the likening of factional warlords to Daleks the SMH said this:

THE Daleks, the low-budget evil robots from Dr Who, had a fatal flaw: little wheels. If the good guys only ran up a staircase (or a ladder of opportunity) they would have their pursuers stumped - stuck at the bottom, impotently cawing their famous threats in tinny computer voices.

One – they’re not robots. They’re cyborgs. Little mutant creatures operating their outer mechanical suits. Two – while yes they have limited vertical mobility, as their wiki shows, they have somewhat countered this with use of anti-grav.

So SMH. Next time you jump up and down with Dr Who references get your facts right, or desperate, sad, overweight jerks like me will point these mistakes out in a most condescending manner.

Worst. Editorial. Ever.


  1. When I was ten I had to have my appendix removed and I was most disappointed that they would not delay my surgery so that I could see the episode of Doctor Who (William Hartnell at the time ) that was starting as they came to take me into surgery. In those days the Darleks were truly fearsome. (at least to a ten year old Me)I became rather disillusioned by the later years of the doctor on the TV but the new series (1 & 2) are really good with a much more nuanced production. The Darleks last incarnation was a very skillful update of the original ideas. Now If only the ALP could manage a similar update then they may just become electable but as they stand "they will be exterminated" again.

  2. Well Iain, the problem is this. After 10 years in opposition, as a commentator on Insiders was saying, factions squabble over the crumbs that are left.

    It's the exact same problem ALL the state coalition parties have.

    As a result internal discord is leaked to the media as a 'fuck you' on opponents.

    I'm sure you remember the jolly fun the federal Libs had from 83-96. What was that? Peacock - Howard - Peacock - Howard - Downer - Howard? Something like that.

    Even as late as 1995 commentators asked 'are the Federal libs finished?'.

    The ALP will bounce back. Remember we're a year out from a Fed election. You wait and see, they will get their act together before then and they will run a tight campaign. And they have a lot of issues to run on now. Especially IR - which even you Mr DieHardILoveTheRight doesn't like.

    It's going to be interesting times.

  3. It's going to be interesting times.
    As in the Chinese curse eh?

  4. For Federal Coalition that is ...

  5. But the coalition will STILL be more electable than the ALP :o)

  6. Really? Why do you think that? Know something I don't?

    I think it will be close whatever happens. And as a paid up member of the ALP I hope it will be us across the line.

    Then they can get rid of those horrible IR changes you so dislike.


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