Wednesday, July 05, 2006

The Nerd Vs Geek Theory - the Canberra Solution

I am blogging this because I am going to try and amend the wiki and I need a citation to do it. Shhh don't tell wiki. Or some wiki people will come around to my house and read clarrifying statements to me.

This is a run on from the recent Nerd Vs Geek debate, which is covered under the wiki for nerd. Anyway this is my theory.

A geek is someone who is articulately passionate about a particular subject but where that subject does not unduly lessen his chances of gettin' some sweeeeeet.

A nerd is one who cannot articulate their passion and the chosen subject is boring to most, and therefore does reduce their chances.

For example, a geek is an enthusiast whose passion for say computers does not neccessarially impinge on his ability to commence sexual relations with another person.

Where a nerd whose keen interest for calculus and inability to express that interest clearly does.

Sure some subjects will waver from geek to nerd in interest. For example in the early days before normal people used computers you were a nerd if you liked computers. Now, not so much. Ditto computer games. Nerd if you played Zork or Ultima III. Now not at all.

Basically if the chicks dig a subject as well then chances are you're not a nerd but a geek. But things like collecting train time tables will always be nerdy.



  1. Chaps at work figured this out.

    See, we have a person who is incredibly socially awkward in a geeky sort of way at work. Now, that's fine, because they usually have some redeemable intelligence, much like you, or me, ie: both fuck-spankingly intelligent. Mentally-sexy you could say.

    God damn pistachio nuts, why won't you let me eat, who invented these things, I can't open them, surely theres a way..

    ..anyway, what was I saying... yeah, we're smart. But this guy was beyond dumb.

    But we couldn't call him a nerd, because that would imply some sort of wisdom, of which he had naught.

    Ultimately, long story short, geek was socially awkward, nerd was socially awkward but with smarts.

    And as for hampering abilities to find a sexual partner, there is only one thing any nerd or geek can utilize that can bypass that hurdle.

    It's called booze.

  2. I'd have to go along with Larry's definition. But with some reservations: did you see Nerds FC?

    These guys had the smarts, and were obviously "socially awkward," but at the same time were witty, self-effacing and seemingly comfortable with themselves. If these guys count as nerds, maybe we should descie nerds as "socially apathetic with smarts."

  3. Hmm, your words have intrigued me. (puts thinking cap on)

  4. Many IT departments in comapnies and organisations are referred to as the Geeky Boys. This term is used as a term of fun endearment (well it has been in my experience). Guys trying to pick up, will happily refer to themselves as a Geek, to try to get the (presumably) female target of their attention to think of them as a cute nut case.
    I don't think that anyone in their right mind would refer to themselves as a Nerd to try to increase their chances of scoring.
    Having said that, the example of "Nerds FC" given previously, may be evidence of the term "Nerd" itself moving from Nerdom into Geekdom.

  5. Id rather be a geek, geeks are smart and usually have a large databse of IT knowledge.


  6. Personally prefer the term nerd. Has more staying power.

    Geek seems more chic\hip and more of a trend\style then an actual way of life.

    Don't mind being called a geek or geeky, just nerd seems more genuine.

    Feel like addressing the topic more on my site yet there's no free time... rats...


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