Saturday, June 03, 2006

You can't DNA sample for a taste test

Well done Australia, well done. You have managed to come up with a reliable test for determining the age of whales without recourse to coring them like an apple.

Congratulations. I mean it. You did well. You have saved us valuable minutes of research.

I agree - analysis of skin shed by humpbacks can determine whether these fragments come from adults or calves, taking the first step towards closely setting their age. This completely undermines our previous arguement about why we kill them.

So here's a better one. Taste testing. Can you DNA sample for that ? I don't think so.

The only reliable test for tasting is the killing and the eating of the whale. Does a Minke taste like otter or peanut butter? Can a Humpback taste like chicken or tuna? How will we know unless we catch them, kill them, and eat them?

And you can't just have one. It's like Chicken McNuggets. Seriously. One whale on thousands of tiny toothpicks across all demographics to nibble and test? Be gone in seconds without our palates able to really lock down the fishy flavours they exude.

Be our guest Australia. Try and DNA up us some taste tests that don't involve us chasing them around the Southern Ocean, playing chicken with Greenpeace, killing the whales, then eating them on down.

If you can do that, then we give up. Seriously. I can't think of any other tests we'd want to do if you manage to solve that dilemma.

What's that? A blue whale? Mmmm, I'm thinking pork with a hint of kous kous. Now, where's my explosive harpoon?

(Japanese Whaling Commission)

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