Friday, June 30, 2006

Why America cannot win in Iraq

At least as long as stuff as outlined in the below article happens.

I feel for the US troops. I do. If the Bush administration had not fucked up the occupation by providing enough troops to guarrantee safety and infrastructure - let alone sack anyone from the former government thus flooding the country with pissed off military veterans and destroy any semblance of administration experience left in the country - then stuff like this might not have happened.

ADF troops are not like this. Unlike the yanks they are trained in peace keeping and peace enforcement to a high standard - the shooting of the trade minister's bodyguard not withstanding. Hearts and minds for example is the bedrock of our ability to look after those in our charge. Our guys are to be commended for their skills and their abilities.

But the yanks, well, fuck me if this doesn't have shades of Vietnam all about it. Macho dickheads in sunnies tromping into the country and driving the people to join an insurgency through abusive dishonourable behaviour. And like Vietnam our guys again did the right thing. We did. If you look at the Australian experience in Vietnam by and large we were not hated, we didn't piss people off, and we looked after those we were in charge of.

However also like Vietnam we got a relatively peaceful area we could call our own and look after it with exceptional ability.

Anway, read this article - as highlighted in Crikey's blogwatch. It's some disturbing reading. And it makes me weep for the utter futility of America trying once again to force countries to adopt an ideology and government they were not ready for by means of blunt force.

It didn't have to be this way. They really could have succeeded had they not made the tremendous blunders they made.

The article is located here

Here's the intro;

Truthdig contributor Nir Rosen, an American reporter who has lived for the last three years in Iraq and who can pass as Middle Eastern, describes what it’s like to live under the boot of a culturally callous—and sometimes criminal—occupying force in Iraq. “The occupation has been one vast extended crime against the Iraqi people, and most of it has occurred unnoticed by the American people and the media.”

By the way let me say this. I supported the invasion of Iraq and I supported it for both WMD and for taking down Hussein. I'm glad he's gone. He was a murderous thug. But I believe now that it was a mistake and containment was the better option - as long as of course the sanctions issue had been corrected and the children of Iraq were not still suffering from the looting of the oil for food program made possible by organisations such as the AWB. I also believe that the US could have succeeded if they had not had fuckwits like Rumsfeld, Bremmer, Cheney, and Wolfowitz in charge. Because if an invasion had happened without those fanatical fuckholes - and there's a good chance it would not have done - the military planners would have got their way with four times as many troops as an initial garrison and co-opting the Iraqi army and bureaucrats into a viable new administration that could have served the Iraqi people well.

The blame for Iraq does not lie on the Iraqis. It lies on Bush and his advisors who chose to ignore numerous studies and assessments from their intelligence and military personnel over what needed to be done to win the peace.

How these people got relected in 2004 is just beyond me. Oh wait, now I remember, the hundreds of millions of dollars they spent and the toxic lies they spread about their more than honourable opponent.


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  3. Yeah, whoever that is that's pretty low. Iain has as much right as anyone to state his opinions on whatever he deems fit. Any attempts to silence him or otherwise is fucked.

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  5. Good post, Mikey.

    I opposed the invasion vehemently, based on lack of evidence, and the fact that we can't topple every bad dictator in the world, or if we did Saddam wouldn't even be in the top ten.

    But I agree with all your points about how and why the invasion has gone wrong, and what we should have done to get it right, and I believe - regardless of the whether it was right or wrong to go - that there was a real chance of a _relatively_ good outcome, but that chance has now gone.jg

  6. Thanks for that Mikey. Daniel used the term Blog spiders (dervived form rock spiders) that seems very apt indeed.


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