Monday, June 19, 2006

HM's lame attempt at an insult

We were cruising home along our narrow street when we came across a truck partially blocking the road.

It had 'Snapped on Tools' emblazoned on the side.

Naturally, I made a funny.

'Snap this MoFo,' I growled, Dick Cheney style, as we squeezed past.

The wife laughed. Not in a good 'that's funny' way. But the more 'crickets and coyotes in the background' tumbleweed kind of way.

I think it was because I didn't actually do any action for the 'this' part. Normally that's the place you give the bird, or, if an action adventure, shoot someone in the face (Dick Cheney style).

Wouldn't that be great if Cheney had said the post tense of that?

'Mr Vice President, what were your first words when you shot your friend in the face?'

'Well Katie, that's an interesting question. In fact I said - heh heh and this is pretty funny - snap that mofo.'

(cue crickets and coyotes...)

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