Friday, April 21, 2006

Shoot to Kill - the Nepalese King

If you hadn't had noticed the Nepalese King has ordered a shoot to kill policy on people breaking curfew. So thousands went out to dare him to do just that.

Nepal alas is a basket case. One the one hand you have a King who inherited his job when his nephew high on cocaine slaughtered the rest of the family, and who banned parliament and became an absolute ruler. On the other hand you have equally whacked Maoist terrorists in the countryside killing anyone with a snifter of government and dragooning rurals and their kids into an ideological war that is more suited to 1950's cultural revolution.

A horrible, unpleasant, sticky mess of yuck yuck.

Unfortunately there is no oil so the US will be unable to intervene :)

Check out the SMH article here


  1. I find it incredible how every single member of the royal family except this king, who was the cousin of the crown prince, and his father, were mowed down by the 'crazed' crown prince, who then killed himself. How dreadfully convenient... I mean, tragic... for him.

    Someone who is willing to grab absolute power and then enact 'shoot to kill' laws on the citizens of his own country surely wouldn't be the sort of person who would commit murder in order to inherit the throne?

    If there was oil, all the king would have to do is promise a free-for-all for american oil companies and he'd be allowed to stay in power forever. Nepal actually has more hope without it, I think. The people of nepal are incredibly brave in confronting the king the way they have. I hope everything turns out ok for them.

  2. No doubt Nepal will benefit from a lack of US intervention.

    Should the Maoists ask, however, I'm certain that a large nearby Maoist nation will be happy to provide them with aid and assistance in stabilising the country.

  3. China has not been maoist since the gang of four were deposed in the late 60's.

    They now practice 'Socialism with a Chinese face'. Which to me translates as Captalism a-o-k just don't expect democracy to go with it.


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