Sunday, April 30, 2006

Gee HM, why the downturn in blogging? You busy or something?

Well thanks for asking. Yes I am in fact. Very busy. A little thing called year six of my Masters (no I didn't fail anything - I'm doing one unit at a time and I had a two year break due to health issues). I'm nearly finished you see. But it does involve me staying back late at night at work, and going in on the weekends, in an effort to properly study my subject. And I'm not an idiot - I don't blog from work.

So yeah. Perhaps I am just posting up photos or the occassional past thing I wrote. What with uni and all I think that's fair enough.

Not long now right HM?

Well yes, that's true. This is the last unit I have to do. Then I can say I have a Masters. Of course I'm not going to stick that on a business card because only lame fuckwads put their less than PhD qualification on their business cards. In fact I once saw someone put their fucking Bachelors Degree on a business card. What a lamo.

Are they the sort of person that use a cursive or 'running writing' looking font for their name in their sig block on their emails then repeat their name in normal font under it like they fucking signed their email?

Yes they are. Fuckwads.


  1. I hear ya. I'm trying to squeeze in three subjects and work full time. I'm only here to procrastinate, I mean, to alleviate a mental block/take a quick few second break.

    I think the Lesser-Educated types do think us Studious types are quite obnoxious. I'm beginning to realise, we're all just forever pissed off and jealous they never had to go through this shite.

  2. ... yes ... jealous ...

  3. Good luck with it Mikey :)


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