Sunday, April 23, 2006

Conscience of the federal Liberal party survives pre-selection

Not only did Georgiou beat down neo-con former Downer advisor and most likely responsible for the release of the Top Secret memo to Andrew Bolt, Josh Frydenberg, Georgiou crushed him.

Final vote was 62 Vs 22.

Take that ultra right wing dry fuckers.

See the SMH story here

Doncha just love politics?

Memo to Josh Frydenberg. Next time you tilt at politics try taking on a marginal seat and earning your stripes. Something I note the Libs mocked the ALP for just a few short months ago.

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  1. I'm glad he won. With people like Petro Georgiou in the Liberal party I guess I can't completely rule out voting for them at some point in the future, assuming of course that someone like him is able to overcome the hordes of self-interested careerists in order to reach the top. That's a miniscule chance, I realise, but still a chance.

    Josh Frydenberg is a slick 'young' Liberal who thought he had a chance because Petro Georgiou isn't popular with the PM and his lackeys.


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