Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Uni makes my head hurt

I used to think I was a smart guy. Well, scratch that, I am a smart guy. Incredibly lazy and fat sure, but still smart.

So I'm in my final unit of my Masters having struggled six long years part time (missing a year here and there due to lack of interest or health). And I am doing the reading as you do, having learning that doing the reading is important when studying - not having actually cottoned on to that when a drunken slightly less fat undergrad in the early 90s.

And I keep coming across words I have never seen before. Now admittedly it's a new field for me, international studies or some such, but I swear to God these seem like made up words like from the Simpsons. I am pretty sure I saw the word cromulent used.

Bugger me, now that's in the dictionary - cromulent

I know new words get added to the dictionary all the time. There's usually a list out at the start of each year with a new techy related word or phrase that's entered the volumes held sacred to the heart of wordsmiths and scrabble fiends the world over. Or courtesy it seems of programs like the Simpsons.

But even so, it's got me flummoxed. Or even Keseradiited. Or Nuglantesteretic.

I am a complete furnateragonic apsulatted nerstakoid. A total and utter one.


  1. I think this is what causes uprest against people with hyper-educated vocabularys, especially those "academics".

    There is a missing factor in dictionaries for each and every word - the WF, or Wank Factor.

    cromulent (n). fine, acceptable.
    Wank Factor: 9.0
    (A Wank Factor of 9.0 or above will ensure oneself they are impressing their peers, when in reality they seem like a pretentious, incomprehensible prick.)

    High wank factors serve no actual practical purpose, but ever since that Orwell chap jammed a few words together no one dares to remove redundancies from dictionaries.

  2. HM, I would have thought you'd already know that word.

    Ms. Krabapple: "Embiggens? I had never heard that word before I moved to Springfield."

    Ms. Hoover: "Why not? It's a perfectly cromulent word."

  3. Haha Wank Factor rankings. Not a bad idea. There's nothing wrong with having a good vocabulary, but when you use it to deliberately leave people in doubt as to the meaning of what you are saying, I believe that goes against the very purpose of language, i.e. to communicate meaning.

    The new 'city cats' (ferries) in Brisbane have LCD screens showing, among other things, a little section called 'use it in a conversation'(or something similar), which features (usually) obscure words and their meanings that ordinary people would have NFI about. A good example was some stupid word meaning 'slate grey'. The only reason someone would use something other than 'slate grey' to describe 'slate grey' is because they're a wanker and want to confuse the person they're talking to... I suspect they only keep such words in the dictionary to satisfy hard-core scrabble players.

  4. Wank Factor. My work is full of it. Management speak for the sake of it.

    Synergize this, sidebar that, brain dump the other.

    Wankers all.

  5. Synergise has an s, not a z. :P


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