Thursday, March 23, 2006

Mr T's just gotta be pissed

Today a report in SMH that DIMIA had managed to fuck up again and lock up a mentally ill person incorrectly. That person known only as 'Mr T'.

Man, I pity the pool that made that decision.

'I'm sorry Mr T, we're locking you up.'

Cue sound of chains shifting menacingly.

'Say what?'

Wow, you know you fucked up big time when you mess with the T. Dimia better be careful the A-Team don't open up a can of whoop-ass on them. Luckily for them that in their 10 odd year career of mercenary automatic weapon firing and fridge to car front welding they did in every episode that they only killed like two people.

Still if I was Amanda and a certain red banded black van with a fresh melded to the bumper passed me, I'd be runnin' up some stairs, evading Daleks style, quick smart.

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