Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Culture Jammed - the PM's website

Richard Neville, for whom the ideals of the 60's never ended, has culture jammed the PM a good one. Check out his spoof site which looks rather official, indeed a lot like a real one.

John Howard PM Spoof Site

This spoof spotting was bought to you by the good people at


  1. Since Crikey published it, the site has been shut down. It was hosted via Yahoo and apparently it was a technical issue.


  2. Nup - apparently it was the Howard government who asked for it to be blocked.

    See the PDF of the faux speech here that was on the site

  3. The wheels move fast. It explains the applause at The Games - no one wanted to be the first to stop.

  4. Is there any outrage about this site being shut down by the gub'mint?

  5. None really. Though the Sydney Morning Herald was the one who reported, at their E-edition provided the link to where the spoof speech could be found.

    Alas freedom of speech has never been a big issue here in Oz because by and large we've never had it.


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