Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Chiwetel Ejiofor

Sci Fi nerds will know this actor best from the Joss Whedon classic Serenity (is it too early to use the term classic? I think not, it rawked).

Ejiofor played 'The Operative', an uber pragmatic ninja-esq counter intelligence agent with no other name sent to track down a psychically gifted young miss named River. It's a long story. Go see the movie. Better yet, buy the movie and the precussor seriesd Firefly so more of these get made.

The Operative was a cool character, who did evil that was apparently needed. A classic definition of 'ends justify the means.' Much like US foreign policy under almost every Republican government.

Except of course the ends didn't justify the means.

Anyway, the wife and I went and saw Kinky Boots, a light frothy working class comedy from the UK about an ailing shoe factory that switched to trannie wear to stay afloat. One of the main characters was Simon aka Lola, a transvestite with a rich voice who did classic show tunes out of a transvestite bar and whose opinion on tran wear was required to kink up said boots.

The character was played by Chiwetel Ejiofor. It took until the end of the film to realise it was him, and an IMDB check to confirm it.

Fuck me if Chiwetel Ejiofor can't act. The man is freakin' talented.
And you know what? He made quite a reasonable transvestite. Still obviously a man, but boy could he carry off wearing thigh high red leather boots (not the ones in the photo - they were the pair that convinced Simon/Lola the shoe factory did not know how to design for the needs of today's she males).


  1. *speechless*

    ... that's the operative? Haha! Wow!

  2. *stares*


    *stares more*

  3. Cool huh? I had no idea either until Gam told me... the guy's virtually unrecognisable; Gam only recognised the name, I think, because the guy's Nigerian.

    My impression, despite all the love given by our movie critics to Joel Edgarton because he's an Aussie, is that Ejiofor pretty much carries the movie... nonetheless, I'm really keen to see it.

  4. It is an awesome movie. I loved it.

    And yes. Joel is the straight man on this one (and does a food job).

    But CE carries it from near start to finish


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