Tuesday, March 14, 2006

And the Chamber of Commerce wonders why people consider them the arm of our rich overlords

My wife and I are struggling with the decision to buy a house. We're in our mid thirties (33 mid?), and rents being what they are ($260 a week), it seems sensible to save up and buy - even though the Canberra market is the second most expensive on average for the country.

Whilst waiting for my betterness to finish shopping (my having purchased goods that prevented my access to Woolies), I bought the Canberra Times, which had an article on just this issue.

The article is available here

This is the bit that caught my eye.

'ACT Chamber of Commerce chief executive Chris Peters said the high cost of renting and buying homes was having an impact on attracting new residents.

"We are a significant high-cost city and that problem has strengthened over the past few years," he said.

Mr Peters said he was aware of a senior executive who had moved to Canberra from overseas and had spent the past three months searching Canberra's inner south for rental property. Despite a willingness to pay up to $2500 a week, he was yet to find an executive home so had been living in a serviced apartment.'

Wah ! Me poor widdle rich man who couldn't find an executive house he liked for less than $2500 a week. Wah ! Me so poor and unhappy about not having access to gold plated fixtures and a solar powered sun roof, and presumably an elevator to take my poor little rich arse up to the next floor. Wah ! Where will my servants sleep? Wah ! $2500 and nothing out there for me.

Fucking rich pricks and their $2500 a week houses. Two fingers to you Mr Peters of the ACT Chamber of fucking Commerce that may as well rename itself 'the ALP are ghastly oiks responsible for the compwete wack of suitable toff homes for their social betters.'

Does the ACT Chamber of Commerce head realise what a complete dick he sounds like to actually poor people in Canberra that are struggling to find a suitable and cost effective house to rent or buy? I wonder where the ACT Chamber of Commerce head lives? Red Hill? Forrest? Or other suburbs where snooty McSnoot palaces abound?

It's shit like this that gets my goat. Sure, I'm all for personal success. But I'm not for personal excess. Spread the wealth man. Okay yes some tradesmen will get money for building your putrid palace, but after that? Perhaps the 12 person spa you have installed. Or maybe you didn't like the colour of tile so you had all of that redone. Then what? Grow your investments and make sure your kids to go to some sort of elitist snob factory then on to a fully paid university degree?

Probably that. Or a new luxury vehicle.

God I hate the ACT Chamber of Commerce. I bet their communications officer read that today and shook his/her immaculately styled head, tutting as they sipped their $12 fucking latte at the bad PR that possibly might get them. But then, look at their target audience. Other members of the fucking chamber of commerce.

PR damage probably nil.


  1. They're worried about not having enough 'executive homes'? Never mind that- with prices the way they are they ought to be worried where about the people who clean the table after those guys buy their $12 lattes are going to live.

  2. I suspect it will be like in the middle ages, where apprentices slept on the business floor, and journeymen were four to a room.


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