Thursday, February 16, 2006

Today I gave birth to a new acronym...

And the acronym is PAG. What does this stand for? I will tell you.

It stands for Poo After Glow

Left: Father Pio, clearly in the midst of a special PAG moment.

Yes, PAG, that feeling you get post defecation when you manage to lay a cable that could strangle the gods themselves, and your voided bowels contract for once with pleasure instead of pain.

As an IBS inflicted fat man with hair from nape of neck to the stump of my spine, it is rare to be able to encounter a PAG like state. For me, today, I accomplished it. And in the process my giving birth out the bear canal, I have hopefully also given birth to an acronym you will in time embrace to your chest.

Yes, PAG. You know your day starts right when you've bagged yourself a PAG.


  1. So that's what that's called!

    For me, the PAG comes usually in the middle of the day, towards the late afternoon. I leave my cubby hole at work and drop loads the likes of which God hisself has never seen. And it is good. Especially because I don't have to clock out and so I'm actually getting paid to take a crap.


  2. Hehe... getting paid to take a crap! Even if you don't like your job, that's got to give you some satisfaction!

  3. Your reports on fecal matters (sweet mother-load of a pun intended) is consistently intriguing.

  4. As a fellow IBS sufferer, I feel qualified to say: it's funny because it's true.

  5. In fact, Sarah, it's pretty much the only satisfaction I get from the job these days! Insert big sigh here.


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