Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Don't you hate it when ...

... your cat is in the way of the TV, and you push the cat out of the way. Pushing on their arse in fact and they have a little droplet of poo on their fur and your fingernail scrapes it?

Yeah I hate that.

Once my boy cat (that sounds gay I know but no specifics on name because of wink, wink, glug, glug, vroom, vroom) shat in my clean clothes hamper. So I had to wash my clothes. When I got the clothes out of the dryer a nugget of poop, freshly washed and dried, fell out.

Needless to say a rewash was in order.

Just what is it about cat poo that makes it indestructible? And their sausage vomits? What's with that? It's good when they're all Bratwursty. It's bad when they puddle at the end in a splodge.

Worst of course is the walking out in the morning then walking through.

Cue gag reflex.

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  1. Your cat pooed in your clothes??

    Right about the indestructible crap though- after 5 minutes they're practically fossilised. I imagine dinosaur poo was similar...


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