Thursday, December 22, 2005

Twatwatch - 22 December 2005

Kevin Fucking Andrews, Minister for Workplace Relations.

Yep I've taken five out of my flu ridden reverie at my parent's place in Northern NSW to twatwatch Andrews for the second time.

Now I read this in the Oz (or what I like to call 'Proudly bought to you by the Federal Liberal Party') a day or so ago, at least I think it was, so I am going to paraphrase rather than find the link to the actual story.

In response to the announcement that one of the state governments was going to challenge their despicable 'let's lower the minimum wage for minimum wage workers and keep Australia decent for high paid executives' legislation, Andrews actually had the gall to suggest this expenditure was 'a waste of tax payer's money and would be better spent on schools and hospitals'.


I had to read that several times or, if it was a radio news item, remember it a few times, before I really wrapped my mind around it.

Kevin Andrews suggested that political spending was immoral did he? That the action by the State government, to preserve what little state authority exists under the current Iron rule of pseudo fascists in the Coalition at the federal level, was somehow a waste of money?

What about our 55 million you spent on your shameful exercise in propaganda you Christian on the armsleeves twat?

Fuck I hate this fucker. He really is both a miserable excuse to humanity, and the religion of Christianity. I know Christ accepts any that accept his call, but unlike Andrews, Christ spent a fair amount of effort preaching about looking after those who are unable to fend for themselves. Not, as I recall, restructuring the law to strip out entitlements and potentially create a country where we have full time working poor who live under the poverty line as the US.

I wish the churches could go around the Andrew's place, knock on his door, and demand every crucifix, bible, altar cloth, communion wine, and whatever other religious paraphernalia he has secreted in his house and not give it back until he starts acting like ... a Christian.

And that goes for all those other Leviticus quoting fuckers that abuse the notion of Christ the Peace Maker and the man for the poor and somehow turned his words into supporting mill owners, coal miners, and other 19th century hard arse boss wannabees that seem to think that being paid 20 times the average salary of one of their workers somehow makes them a better human being.

Massive total and utter twat.

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