Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Cronulla Riots II; what now?

Ok, I've had time to digest all this, along with the what 'they' did and what 'they' dids that have gone tit for tat in the past few days.

I discussed this with Techno on one of our vigorous constitutionals around our work and he made a valid point.

'It's all very well blaming this on the cultural conditions for this on your perception of passive and/or active racism by the Howard government, but what do we do now?'

I'm stumped. How do you teach a lost generation of Australians that somehow missed the 'yes, we are all individuals' and 'yes, we all cooperate in a society' message that was supposedly being taught.

Blame the parents, blame Howard, blame being new to this country, blame religion, blame tribalism, blame it all, but what now?

How the hell can us Ozzers step back from this? Changing how people think is the hardest thing. Especially if they have entrenched opinions.

Here's some ideas

1) Federal government stops using dog whistling on racist lines eg refugees = scum therefore all people different to you are scum. And please gentle viewers from the right - do not deny the Howard government does not dance with the different to us devil. They do. They win elections on it.

2) The media stops focussing on the racial mix of people in reports. Yes the gang rapes of Western Sydney were appalling. But each time you mention 'Lebanese' you colour the perceptions of people that all are like that. As one caller to the ABC pointed out - when the Bra Boys were mentioned in reports outside the recent experience, they were not described as 'white anglo-celtic males'. Sure describing people by their genetic or cultural overt appearance is important sometimes. But not in the media like they do.

3) Shoot Alan Jones. Just kidding of course (like Alan). Filth like Jones should be charged under the sedition laws. What's good enough for Muslims, as the federal govt keeps pointing out, should be good enough for whitey. I'm against these laws, but I would find the irony delicious if Mr Bum Boy for the Federal Libs goes down 7 years in the pokey for incitement. See here

Isn't it ironic that Abu Bakar Bashir was jailed for incitement to violence? Remember how Australian's whined about that? Well now we have one too. Step forward Mrs Jones.

Seriously, I'm all for free speech. I am. However Talk Back Radio seems to have its fair share of ill informed fuckwits from the right braying invective about people that are different all to the nodding bird like acceptance of their radio host providers. Perhaps there could be something done about this? How about this? Each time a radio station host is found guilty by the tribunal to which they respond to of vilification their station suffers prime time dead air for two hours. That's it. Dead air. Gone. Woosh. No more talkies for you. No fines. Dead air. And each additional breech doubles the time.

Ditto for newspapers. Each time say the Herald Sun or the Daily Telegraph runs some sort of racist dribble they have to have a page, a whole page, maybe even the cover, and apologise.

4) Discover to the best of their ability those who participated in all levels of the Cronulla riots and follow on violence - from both sides. Then - put them in a room 3 at a time from each side, and have them sit through some sort of awareness training. Yes, I can dream. Better yet, have representatives from the communities affected to describe how racism affects their day to day living. Both sides man. Equal. Anglo girls describing that they can wear what the fuck they want and that by all means look but don't touch/comment. And Muslim girls about how being called a terrorist and having their head scarf ripped off actually is rather intimidating.

5) Make all of them line up opposite each other and shake hands. Worked in school.

6) Howard stamps hard on any fuckwit in his ranks (Bishop I'm talking about you) that makes even a whiff of a racist comment. Hmm, pretty hard to enforce that. What with so many fellow travellers in their ranks. Maybe we'd be better off just having his government sacked at the next election.

7) Someone stamps on Howard. Maybe have Howard appear in hospital talking to the people injured - like he managed to do in Britain for his last round of 'I just happened to be in the city when the terrorists came' tours - and explain to their faces while he thinks those 5000 cockwits who turned up and made comments like 'fuck off lebs.'

8) The government spends say, 55 million dollars, on a multicultural awareness campaign.

9) The police actively target under represented minorities and get them into their ranks (yes, it's quite hard, but they can do it if they had a mind to it).

10) Stamp out misogynists. Many louts of all colour and creeds seem to regard women as merely walking sperm receptacles. See Puberty Blues for example of a toxic surf culture. Ditto those groups of men that mention how'd they like to do chicks to their faces and do so in a threatening manner. It's not grown up. It's not manly. It's being a bully and a fuckwit. In fact, see this article here.

11) Women who hang around these men. Stop it. Move on. Go find a snag. Do not think this behaviour is cool, or that men who do it are. If you stay with these people you are asking for a life of pain and abuse.

On a side note I hate bullies and fuckwits. I've been assaulted a number of times in my life by groups of alcohol fuelled fuckwits who thought me being a fatty with a larger vocab was somehow a threat to their ability to potentially lodge their penis in a sperm receptacle. Even ones who only knew me cause they happened to see me in the street as they drove past.

So watching the fuckwits in Cronulla was far scarier to me and far more real than the reports of reprisal raids on people who actually didn't do anything (which was as fucked).

To me those fuckwits in Cronulla represent, in the words of Diamond Dog from ConAir, the very basest elements of the white race.

If something happened to their ability to reproduce, given their current mindset, I certainly wouldn't be shedding any tears.

My greatest fear is A) they will breed and B) their toxicity will be inherited by their children.

God save us all.

Any ideas on the way forward campers? How do we make our lost generation of Australians realise that we all have the same aspirations/desires/dreams and rights of access to public areas, no matter if they or their parents arrived here 40,000 years ago/200 years ago/100 years ago/50/30/20/10/5/1 or last week?


  1. Mmmmmmm Mikey, you have a talent in writing mate but unfortunately you views are a little over the top. There were some fuckwits in Cronulla on sunday, but most were there to protest at the years of abuse for the lebs.........that is the fact. Don't be overwelmed be the acions of a few "fuckwits" and try to have a better understanding of the real cause of the problem mate.

  2. You're right of course. The bulk of people at Cronulla, and I should ahve stressed this, turned up as a genuine concern to have their hurt known over what they perceived as a problem.

    But the worry is that even if it was just 200 rat bags, they assumed a lynch mentality and acted accordingly. Those two guys on the train could possibly have been killed.

    As for the "Lebs" issue. This is diasffected youth with low education, and corrupted mythology following a "gansta" creed. It is not because they are Lebanese. It is a common response from many elements of society where they identify by cultural origin even as they adopt the cultural identity of mysoginistic violence. To characterise them as "lebs" is to colour all Lebanese with the one brush - like I did by saying 'whitey' a lot.

    Call em Gangsta Lite, or would be Gangstas, or Bling wearers, but denote them by their actions not what area of the globe their parents came from. To do that is wrong and it encouraged the "fuckwits" to react the way they did.

    Hence why they went after anyone that looked brown, as opposed to bling merchants in their tricked out cars being fuckwits as usual.

    And believe me, I hate gangsta fuckwits as much, if not more. But that wasn't the issue on Sunday. It was cocks using national identity to declare themselves different and even better than "lebs". When these "lebs" are as Australian as they are.

    And there in lies the problem. How do we climb down from that. And how do we encourage "gangstas" to stop being the fuckwits they are and modifiy their behaviour - and encourage them to do so?


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