Tuesday, November 08, 2005

I made this sign up to wave during my mouthings off to co-workers from my desk (aka pulpit)


  1. I just make an effort never to talk politics, religion, or musical tastes with my co-workers. Those three issues can cause wars!

    (also, Mr. HarrangueMan, I replied to your email).

  2. I've seen the sign. I laughed.

  3. Funny how sex isn't on the list of not to discuss topics anymore...

  4. You discuss sex with your co-workers? [eyeballs steam up]

    Oh, BTW my verification word today is "dwurizbt", which sounds like the noise I make when sex is discussed in the workplace [eyeballs steam up more]

  5. Not so much. But you and Mikey count as co-workers, right?

    Hehe, eyeballs steam up. Funny mental image!


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