Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Celebrate good times come on !

"I will."

I handed in my final assignment for the semester. I ran it in to the delightful secretary of my tutor's department.

'Did I go past the auto-fail date?'

'No idea luvie, he's away anyway. Just put it on the pile.'

SWISH ! I celebrated by having a dinner down by a lake in Canberra. I chose poorly and had massive gut pain. Thank you poetic justice.

Finished at long f_cking last. I am now free to do things like watch Australian Princess and vote Liberal, and other mine (mend? mind?) degrading activities until once more I have to think again next semester.
In the words of Milhouse, I'm now forgetting stuff I used to know. One semester to go lads. Then I can be Milhouse forever ! (except for the voting Liberal part of course). The irony is that my last attempts at gaining positions based on my soon to be acquired qualification were so bad, that it is unlikely that I will ever use said qualification for the purpose to which it was intended.

How about you studying lads? Done? If not when? If so how did you celebrate.


  1. Go on, gloat :P ... I started my exams on the 5th, which was a saturday; usually they start on a monday so I had 2 fewer days of study, plus my body clock was then 2 days out and I kept thinking it WAS a monday... I had another exam on the ACTUAL monday, to be followed, tomorrow, my BIRTHDAY, by an exam at 8am!!!! That would be ok if it was my last exam, but noooo, my last exam is on the 18th, so no celebrating for me... and to top it off, there have been a bunch of american exchange students living across the road who don't have exams at all, so they decided to throw several very loud, very late parties over the last week. And our arsehole neighbours- a bunch of malaysian guys on a Petronas scholarship- don't seem to have exams either, because they all start singing and yelling and playing the guitar and smoking on their balcony around midnight and going to bed at 6am, despite being receiving several breach notices from the managers and being on the verge of being kicked out- they don't care because they know they're going home in a couple of weeks!

    Please, have a drink for me! And if I suddenly disappear from the blogosphere, I'll most likely be in jail awaiting trial for strangling someone! >={

    *deep breath*

  2. Breathe, Sarah... And good luck with your exams.

    Congrats, Mikey! :)

  3. What, US exchange students don't have to take exams with you guys? Jesus, as if we don't have bad enough an image overseas.

    At least they're (exams) done, though, eh?

  4. Yeah US-Australia exchange students (and Canadian ones too- maybe all exchange students) are automatically given a credit average. I don't object to that either, just the loud parties!

    Anyway I forgot to congratulate you Mikey :) I hope you get good marks!

  5. Man I feel bad for going the gloat as you struggle along study street.

    I know your pain. I ALWAYS had exams near or on my BD - oh happy BD to you !!!

    Feh, marks I care not. I'm just glad I am done now. For the year.

    Lousy yanks and their music. Hey they really like this. Sing Star Spangled Banner then spit out a loogie. Rosanne did it. She was kewl

  6. LOL 'and their music' gets another run.

    For me, 12 more hours and then it's 7 odd months of no exams - woot.

  7. Any undergrad exchange students right now would have been probably 8-10 when Roseanne did her thang, so I doubt they'd ever catch any sort of reference!


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