Thursday, September 08, 2005

Twatwatch - 8 September 2005

Prime TV, Canberra ACT

'Coming soon to Prime, Oil Storm, what happens when the oil flow to Amercia is disrupted..'

Here's a snapshot of the plot

Oil has been called “the life-blood of America.” What happens if it suddenly runs dry?

That was the question posed by the cable network, FX, in a recent made-for-television movie, “Oil Storm.” Done in a “mock-umentary” style, “Oil Storm” depicts the consequences of America’s reliance on oil in a series of delectable “what if” worst-case scenarios.

If you didn’t see the movie (when it aired in mid-June), here it is in a nutshell: a category four hurricane destroys a vital pipeline in the Gulf of Mexico...panic sweeps of the nation...speculation drives the price of crude higher and higher...U.S. government turns to Saudi Arabia for oil...Saudi extremists commit terrorist attacks, killing 300 American oil workers...America sends troops to Saudi Arabia...still major lines at gas stations...Americans begin to turn against each other...the U.S. government decides to turn to Russia for oil...the Russians help in return for an investment in the upgrade of their pipelines...oil falls from it’s high of $153 a barrel down to around $77...and all is right with the world.

The steadily rising gas price results in major loss of American lives, a U.S. military expedition to the Middle East, a major depression, and martial law in effect across America.

Nice one Prime. They're still pulling bodies out of New Orleans and you manage to run a promo along the lines of 'they said it wouldn't happen but it HAS!!!'

Possibly a mistake. I rang the complaints line in Channel 7 in Sydney and they said they'd pass the comment on to their regional affiliate. She said it was bought before Katrina. Well, that makes sense.

But to actually run the progam now??? I mean, how poor taste is that???

I hope it was a mistake. Because if they deliberatly ran it as a tie in then that's about as low as you can get.

What's next? Prime presents the Hurricane Katrina showbag? You get a tiny AK-47, a little shopping trolley filled with Mount Franklin bottles, a plastic police badge so you can play 'I quit', a plastic axe to chop your way through your roof???

F_ck man, I've seen some dodgy programming in my time. But that really freaking takes it to a whole new level.


  1. At 10.11 pm they ran the promo again.

    So not a mistake.

    They even used their 'dramatic thing happening voice over man' whose throaty rumble lets us know when guns and chicks with guns and maybe fucking tanks or something are going to turn up.

    Good one Prime. You really have earned today's Twatwatch. More so than Babs Bush. She's a stupid white rich american. You people are supposed to have a sense for what is publically acceptable.

    Fuck you and everyone involved with screening that movie you insensitive fucks.

  2. One wonders if the 4th year anniversary of their showing of "When Buildings Collapse! NY Edition" is in a week from now.

    Reminds me of that ghastly Channel 10 Late News 'coming up' bit on Media Watch a few weeks back - "Coming up - heres this awesome footage we've got of this hot air balloon - did they survive? Find out after the break!"

    ..which was also run for the next break, and then at the end, you find out they DIDN'T SURVIVE.

    ....... are these people twisted or just stupid?

  3. I concur. Saw the ad this morning for the first time and it struck me as being in extremely poor taste.

  4. c'mon mikey sont you thinks its fair that if a coked up made for t.v. hollywood script writer actually guesses right about the futer once they can gloat its only fair

  5. I'm just disappointed I missed the exciting, riveting, made-for-TV telemovie "10.5", where I would have been able to watch pretty much most of California sink into the San Andreas fault, taking thousands of god-fearing, gun-toting registered voters with it.

    What struck me most about this monumental television event was that they decided to run with it, even though it was due to air just after the hurricane (if I recall...). This pales into insignificance compared to "Oil Storm" though...

    As an aside, whilst I would love to boycott this excremental piece of TV faux-pas, I did note on IMDB that one of the actors is Brady Coleman, playing "Andy McGruff". With a character name like that, how could you possibly resist? What were the screenwriters thinking???

    He has, after all, had several appearances on Walker, Texas Ranger and his firt notable role was as "Arresting Officer #1" in Confessions of a Serial Killer. For no adequately explored reason, I think this man has to be my new favourite actor. Step aside, Bruce Campbell.

  6. I don't watch Prime anymore. Buffy and Angel have finished, and I have Firefly on DVD, so it has nothing to offer me. ;)


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