Sunday, September 25, 2005

Twatwatch - 24 September 2005

I'm opening this one up to you punters. Who is a twat and why? Tell me, tell your friends, tell Jesus ! But most importantly, tell Uncle Harrangueman.

Who is getting your goat?

We'll make this a Saturday night thing (yes, I am aware it's Sunday morning when I post this). Every Saturday it's Open Mic night on Twatwatch !


  1. Gary Humphries is the only politician that ever lied to me personally - I think I told you. He did that dodgy lie by omission thing, and because I was about 13 I wasn't clued up enough to notice. I felt like an idiot and genuinely betrayed when I found out what he'd done.

    He goes last on my voting forms.

  2. people on warnie's back are twats

  3. I concur about Gary Humphries. As irony would have it, when he faced Senate selection to replace Margaret Reid he was challanged by someone far, far worse than him. Gerry Wheeler I think his name was.

    Check out the SMH article they ran on him. Now this is an industrial grade twat.

    click here

  4. That article about Wheeler reminds me of something in the West Wing episode I watched yesterday - where the Democrats pulled funding from a Democrat that was running against a real right wing nut job from the Republicans, because they figured better the devil you know, who you can make mileage off...

  5. LOL ! I fully saw that ep the other day.

    You're absolutely right of course. I bet that's exactly what Brown hoped for.

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