Monday, September 12, 2005

Twatwatch - 12 September 2005

Not much to see is it? This is from the website where I found that coffee mug Hitler image. Now what sort of site would offer up merchandise such as this?

Here's their blurb

Welcome to the new look UFC website. After a fairly static design for the last 4 years we thought it was time for a new look. This reflects our continuing mission to make our site the first port of call for those serious students of history who want to discover the writings and thoughts of the National Socialist and Fascist governments and Movements of the World. Primarily this site concentrates on the phenomenon of the National Socialist Movement and Government of the Greater German Reich. However other areas are covered including Fascist Italy and the national movements such as the British Union of Fascists and Sir Oswald Mosley as well as individual National Socialist/Fascist philosophers of the post war era.

After 15 years of building up our site we believe we have one of the best Resource Centres for information which is uncorrupted by the forces of political correctness and Liberal Consensus.

Our Site is protected by the latest advances in online web security and we pride ourselves in the total discretion and confidentiality with which we process your orders. Be assured that your details are never sold on to any third parties. From time to time we may e mail you with offers of new products and services if you subscribe to our e mail subscription service.

Yep. Because you can trust online Nazi's with all your personal details. They won't take your credit card number and buy swastika covered nunchakus at all.

I wonder exactly what '... uncorrupted by the forces of political correctness...' means exactly? What like 'there were no ovens. It was actually a fun holiday camp where Hitler would come personally and greet them with a manly kiss to each check and give them a happy lei of flowers. A happy lei for a happy camp. What? the ovens? Oh silly, that's just where we bake bread. Happy bread for a happy camp. Now all you elderly and children. You look tired from your long ride in that cattle car - yes - sorry about that - Hans, he's new. Just head in there. That's right, the building without any windows or obvious plumbing. No need to take your clothes off. It's just a light spray. Then it's happy bread in the happy camp. Hooray for Judaism, being Romany, homosexual, or protesting against the third reich. Hooray for Adolf "Happyman" Hitler !

If there is any justice in the world the owners of this website would be wiped out in some sort of gas related incident. I'm not promoting violence against them. People are free to think things like this. It doesn't make them any less twatish though. And it would be nice if the world did in fact cause them pain and misery.

If you're curious, their website is here.

By the way punters, I couldn't find on their front page a break down for the UFC acronym.

I'm hoping its something along the lines of Utter f_ckhead c_ntbags.


  1. g'day mikey bloody cricket hey!!!
    bugger bugger bugger
    looks like me growing a moustache didn;'t win the game for the aussies after all

    any mikey regards the hero/twat conunderum hows about some one who's both ..... mr shane warne

    he's a twat for makin women shudder in disrespect at how sleazy he can be (rumours are a few women needed showers after a 2 min conversation with him)

    but he's a hero too for the reason that he's in the public eye, his cricket. surely the greatest cricketer in my life, and dean jones was right, the new stand at the mcg should be named after him.

    mikey the thing is thats ( a cliche i know) is that actually twat watch is easier then hero watch because we're all deeply flawed and well more people woould disagree with who is/isn't a hero then a twat

    so to that extent saying who's your hero would lead to more of a debate then twat's

    yo peace out

  2. That quote from the website also highlights the irony of the word Liberal. Damn those Liberals, corrupting the world with the force of political correctness! *shakes fist*

    How did that party end up calling themselves Liberals anyway?

    And why does the Labor party spell Labour wrong?

  3. nothin in the WW2 history section
    is that cause they got their arse's beaten silly with a stick with splinters???
    but the jewlery was exquisit
    check out the "latvian voltuntry SS"
    what a lovely bunch of coconuts they would've been
    dont just visit latvia for the wheather make sure you hang out with the local SS
    we can organise lynchings of gypsies, jews, commo's and of course all those girly guys
    well speak of a great package holiday
    did i mention the soup!!

  4. hmm this sort of thing always worries me. Like the recent story about the Neo-Nazi's from the White Pride Coalition in Toowoomba who said that White Woman was the worl'd most endengered species and were connected to harrassment of Sudaneese refugees in the area.


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