Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Six years ago in Harrangueman


Awlai F’sai, Saudi Arabia; Carlton Fegg, 32, an Australian tourist serving six months in jail for alcohol usage and awaiting six lashings with a cane, was foiled in his attempt to escape the Awlai F’sai Correctional Facility disguised as a camel.

Police chief, Colonel Farouk described the attempt as ‘amateurish’.

'Mr Fegg had constructed a camel suit from the hessian sacks we use as generous bedding for prisoners,' explained the Colonel. 'However he forgot that dromedary’s have one, not two, humps.'

Left: A Bactrian Camel (two humps)

Mr Fegg, wearing his disguise, reportedly approached the eastern gate concealed within a pack of dromedaries. His two humped camel suit clearly out of place amongst a sea of single humps.

Left: A Dromedary Camel (one hump)

'The guards, true sons of the desert, instantly spotted something was wrong and seized this pseudo camel,' said Colonel Farouk. 'And the fact that Mr Fegg was also walking upright with his supposed fore limbs flopping uselessly at his sides was also a give away.'

Mr Fegg will receive an additional two lashes for his impertinence and insult to the noble desert species.

An Australian consular official who met with the Australian tourist said that Mr Fegg had not been trying to escape, but was just nipping out to find a ‘tall frosty one’ before returning to complete his sentence.

Two humped camels, or Bactrian Camels, are natives to Mongolia and China.


  1. I found this when going through some back ups of my drives from work. The Bevester and I would used to make a boring work day a little easier by coming up with fake articles. Ah, those were the days.

    This actually is around six years old. I had the number of humps wrong originally and had to change it.

    But now you will never, ever forget which one has two and which has one hump.

    HECK !

  2. Mikey, I remember this one, and the heated discussions that spawned it about the actual number of humps on a dromadary. I think I had my vote in for a Dr Suess-esque seven humps.

  3. Amusing and educational.

    Way to go M!

    (have to make a comment on my word verification- this is brought to you by pm no s!)

  4. I recall that a dictionary was employed by a certain young pony tail man in the IT section to prove his point.

    Ah I miss those days.

    Today's comment is bought to you by xcocf


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