Thursday, September 01, 2005

My Number One Fan blows me e-kisses

Again, this is on Boltwatch and not here. In his e-kiss, the first thing Not Anon does is cite my comment supporting his fine work on Bolt Watch.

Who doesn’t love a rich, young, smart, funny, liberal(sic) lawyer about town?

What a trooper ! Not sure why he needed the (sic). It was spelled correctly.

Then he lovingly types his response.

Id rather be an overweight public servant.

He's modelling himself on me ! Wow, he may end up taking it a bit far - like that whacky gay guy who won the Britney Spears look alike contest. I should also counsel him not to eat irresponsibly just so he can emulate me, and that a career in the public service is not exactly the way to earn the dollars. But still, what a sweetie. Not Anon it's men (presumably) like you that make me wonder if one day I could romp the lads only fantastic.


  1. See he really does love you :)

  2. Actually, the (sic) was probably necessary - needed a capital L. Otherwise it sounds like you're suggesting he has liberal (not-sic) values, which he clearly doesn't, being as how he's supposedly a rich right wing lawyer...

    It's always struck me as strange that our right wing party calls itself the Liberals. Talk about a contradiction in terms!

  3. I am basking in the warmth of his affection.

    As for the Large L Liberal thing, it was originally a tongue in cheek reference on my part.

    You see I do find it deliciously ironic that the Liberal party use that word to describe themselves. If they were a product we could take them to Consumer Affairs for false advertisting.


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