Thursday, September 15, 2005

Media Watch - once again come to the party

As you know punters I can't abide magazines like New Weekly, New Idea, and Woman's Day. Because they violate the privacy of people and make shit up about them.

Media Watch had a story on Women's Day. The Day ran a story on 'Thin Gwyn', Gwyneth Paltrow, claiming she was dangerously skinny and clucking with worry at her probably soon to be joining the Olsen twins in their cupboard cum bedroom at whatever skinny clinic that celebs go to restore their diets.

Later, in the same magazine, Women's Day ran 'Celebrity Diet Secrets'. Featuring none other that swan neck herself.

See the Media Watch story here


  1. I'm sure Media Watch doesn't have to lower itself to picking on falsities from women's magazines.

    Surely there are far greater fish to fry Ms Jackson.

    Is it offensive to females to call them womens magazines? I suppose there are mens magazines.

    Why are there gender-specific magazines anyway? *opens can-o-worms* Are they women/men's magazines because they don't actually fit into any decent category?

    They do fit into a category - tabloid, trash, garbage, lies. Perhaps that's why they're named mens/womens mags...

  2. I don't know. I tend to think that New Idea, New Weekly, and Woman's Day sink as low as they do because no one ever says anything. If more people took them to task, embarrassed them, pointed out what a complete joke they are to the world - perhaps they'd lift their game? Maybe restort to not peddling lies.

    It's sickens me. Crap like this is a cancer in society. There should be bigger, better things in life that reading what a 'source/insider/close f_ckingpal' said about a celebrity.

    I'm probably annoyed because the chinese food place just ripped me off by forgetting my rice.


  3. I think "women's" magazines are aimed at really really bored housewives. Given that there are less of those every year, I wonder when/if they'll change the label?

    As for men's magazines, don't they usually have more "artistic nudes" and articles about cars and power tools?

    Just guessing here...


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